Working with Metal Clay - Syringe Rings

Precious Metal Clay is made up of an organic binder and clay which when fired (either by torch or kiln) turns into 99.9% silver.  PMC is available in lump clay form, as a syringe or in a paper form.

For the purposes of the video below, I have used both a syringe to make a ring and some of the lump clay to make a pendant both with semi-precious gemstones, namely a moonstone and blue zircon.

The video below shows the 'greenware' state of the clay before it is fired in the kiln.  I will post another video which will show you the results of firing the pieces in the next blog post Part Two - so please keep following.

Click on this link to view the video via my Instagram feed thank you. Designs by Jojo Videoclip   

Further You tube clip from my channel:-

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