How to make a Fine Silver Leaf Pendant

Fine Silver known as precious metal clay is made up of 99.9% silver bound with an organic compound which burns off once fired leaving you with a piece of solid silver.

I love working with fine silver because it is so adaptable and has lots of flexibility in terms of what you can make out of it compared with sheet sterling silver.

Listed below are the methods used for producing a fine silver (real) leaf pendant.

Start with some fine silver paste (you can use either Art Clay Silver paste or PMC paste) and after you have chosen the leaf you wish to use such as a strawberry leaf, mint, sage, vine (as I've used), start by mixing your paste with a little water and by using a brush start layering up the paste onto the leaf until it is at least 2mm thick as in the picture below.

Once the leaf has dried fully, then you can go ahead and torch fire or fire in a kiln - see below photograph.  Once polished you are left with a beautiful replica of a real leaf as the original 'real' leaf has burned off during the firing process.  

You can either drill a hole through your leaf or add a bail before firing - see finished article below and I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog post - please feel free to comment thank you.

 Thank you for reading the latest Designs by Jojo blog post and please add any comments below.

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